Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust - Helping young homeless women
What we offer


What is Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust?

Who do Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust house & support?

  1. We house young women aged 16 to 21 in our main hostel, and 18 to 25 in our second stage hostel.
  2. We give priority to people with  a Lewisham connection, such as family, school, college or support, or have been living in the borough.
  3. We cannot take anyone with a history of violence, an active drink or drug problem, severe mental health issues or people who have been involved in arson. However we consider each case on its merits and look for ways we can help not reject applicants as we feel everyone deserves a 2nd chance
  4. Most of our referrals come to us via the London Borough of Lewisham SHIP team (tel 020 8 314 3020) . We operate a waiting list for vacancies. Non borough referrals are made using our standard application form and all applicants are interviewed prior to acceptance. Call us and we are happy to provide  advice to people seeking accommodation who meet our criteria