Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
Empowering young homeless women

Our mission statement

Through our work in providing housing, support, and care, we aim to create an environment that gives young women a secure base from which to develop self-respect, independence, and purpose in their lives.

The Principles of Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust

We will be responsible for a high-quality service, developing our skills and knowledge to ensure professional standards are met. 

We will respect our Residents as individuals, safeguarding their rights and promoting awareness of their responsibilities. We will work with residents in a clear manner, to ensure accurate expectations about us are held and that there is an understanding of our expectations.

We will not be discriminatory or prejudiced  nor tolerate discrimination or prejudice in or against others. We will seek to recognise and accommodate differing needs and backgrounds in order to serve all in the best and most appropriate way.

We will empower our Residents to participate in decision-making and to take responsibility for their own lives and future development.

We will seek to maintain a positive and helpful relationship with residents once they leave our service and this includes those who we may be unable to continue to house. 

We will ensure professional responsibility takes precedence over personal interests in all our work. We will ensure we maintain confidentiality and that professional boundaries are in place.

We will ensure that outreach and promotion of our services within the wider community takes place both in the interests of individuals and to ensure anyone who may benefit from it accesses our service.

We will monitor our services regularly to ensure we are operating both as a good employer and as an effective service provider.

Equal Opportunities Policy Declaration

Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust is committed to equal opportunities in its provision of services, employment practices and management of the project.

As an organisation in a multicultural and diverse area of the inner city, the Trust seeks to actively oppose all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, colour, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, transgender status, age, religion, marital status, class and any situation where people are disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be justified. Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust declares that we are taking positive steps towards promoting equality and combating all direct and indirect discrimination.