Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
Empowering young homeless women

Who we are

Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust (MPMT) is a Supported Housing Project for single homeless young women aged 16 to 21. It was founded by Sybil Phoenix OBE, MBE, MS in 1979. Read our history to find out more about her life and work. The Trust is named in memory of her daughter Marsha Phoenix who died in a car crash in 1974. 

We have two hostels, both based in the London Borough of Lewisham. The first hostel is owned by us and is based in Tressillian Road, Brockley. It has 21 bedspaces. The second hostel has six bed spaces and is in Erlanger Road, New Cross. It is owned by London and Quadrant Housing Trust. 

We provide housing and support delivered through a key work system. We focus on assisting residents with gaining all the skills they will need to function independently in society. For more details, see our service description. Referrals to our service come through the London Borough of Lewisham's housing SHIP team. You can call them on 020 8 314 3020. You can download our Allocations and Lettings Policy to read more details of how MPMT works with our residents.

We are a voluntary organisation funded by a variety of sources and regulated and monitored by several bodies. See our financial information for more on this.



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